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    HYMAG - formerly The Hyman Archive - was founded by media industry-insider James Hyman in 2011, it holds the Guinness World Record for 'Largest Collection of Magazines' and the physical archive is now an invaluable resource for creatives and academics.

    “When James Hyman was a scriptwriter at MTV Europe, in the 1990s, before the rise of the internet, there was a practical — as well as compulsive — reason he amassed an enormous collection of magazines, the foresight that this was going to be something else, more than a collector’s dream....it’s all about preserving and documenting the history of print.” – The New York Times

    HYMAG is built on a life’s passion for magazines, it celebrates and credits the creator and the collector; protecting both the copyrights of rightsholders AND the treasure troves of donators- who share its determination to preserve and document the history of print.

    HYMAG is offering the exciting opportunity for creatives, researchers, pop-culturalists, historians, academics, students and magazine lovers to become part of its journey and pre-subscribe to the digital archive. Launching in 2021 this exclusive heavily discounted membership will give subscribers full digital access to The Face Magazine Archive, with new titles to be added throughout the year.

    Join us now to save this important cultural heritage and continue to help us to celebrate why magazines and its creators matter.

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